• Budgeting – refine

  • Build Team - paid and volunteers

  • Marketing – Logos, colors, website, media, FB and Twitter, photo shoot(s)

  • Collateral Materials – review and prepare

  • Set up newsletter – use Mail Chimp or similar

  • Go viral - build your followers - ongoing

  • Develop and test stump speeches - ongoing

  • Strategic meetings – Prominent and powerful people you want on your side



  • Fund raising - lists, scripts, call time, and follow up

  • Events – parades, picnics

  • Letters to editor

  • Grass Roots- Considering COVID-19 - door knocking, type and placement of materials, scripts, placement of strategic banners and yard signs


WIN ! – Tuesday, November 10

  • Results viewing party

  • Victory party w/press release


Are you a First-time Candidate?

  • Affordable (less than the price of a good set of headphones)
  • Small groups (no more than 5)
  • Six weekly sessions that last an hour
  • We mentor, train and coach you on how to run your campaign while interacting and learning from other candidates
  • We collaborate with campaign teams
  • Enroll a woman staff member – paid or volunteer

Have a campaign under your belt?

  • A flexible program tailored to individual candidates needs
  • Work with a buddy or individually

Are you an experienced Candidates?

  • We work individually with you and your campaign

COVID-19 has created a new reality for our lives, and it changes daily. It will affect campaigns in both positive and negative ways. Candidate Accountability Programs will unravel the new campaign reality as we help Democratic women win elections.

​We follow accepted campaign strategies with some twists, surprises and out-of-the box thinking. ​

I became politically active as a young mother in Hawaii when asked to door knock for a Democratic candidate running for the Hawaii State Legislature. I said yes, and took my three babies with me.


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